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A Proven Approach to Process Improvement

Flat Time Reduction is an engineering and management consulting company based in Houston, TX. FTR is a company deeply rooted in Industrial Engineering and LEAN fundamentals. We are proud to be a part of the engine that is oil and gas industry and stand behind the men and women who drive it.

In 2013, our team recognized the potential of LEAN implementation in the oilfield and began developing a unique new system. Based on the proven methodologies behind LEAN Manufacturing, LEAN Oilfield SolutionsTM is a process improvement system tailored specifically for the oil and gas industry.

LEAN Manufacturing has been utilized for decades by different industries to reduce waste and streamline operations. The applications are endless and LEAN’s positive results have been proven repeatedly. Why has the oil and gas industry not jumped on board and embraced LEAN methodology?

At FTR we think differently; our system was constructed over the span of three years “backwards” from the field to the office. Through testing, countless observations, and conversations we know what works; from the ground up.

Flat Time Reduction’s Mission is:

Position our clients for success by developing and sustaining streamlined operations through LEAN Oilfield SolutionsTM.







What Our Clients Have To Say

  • We partnered with FTR for 2 years (2014 – 2016) with a common goal of reducing move times between pads and reducing walking time between wells. They achieved buy in from rig managers and crews through shared information and LEAN Solutions. The results were a 49% reduction in move times between locations and a 53% reduction in walking time between wells. I would highly recommend FTR and their engineering approach to streamline rig operations.

    Ed Jacob
    President & COO, Independence Contract Drilling (ret)
    2015 IADC Chairman
    2014 IADC Contractor of the Year
  • A 40% improvement in Flat Time shows a strong example of what can be attained when a team is committed to continuous improvement. The engineers at FTR were a huge part of our success.

    Global Oil and Gas Operator
    Operations Manager
  • We were very impressed by FTR’s ability to gain the respect of our rig crews. They took the time necessary to build good relationships with my team. The end result was a significant decrease in mobilization and nipple up times across the entire fleet.

    Mid-Size Drilling Contractor
    Vice President of Operations