If we don’t draw it, make it, improve it, or install it…

We know somebody who does.

FTR has strategically aligned with the following companies…

All produce unique, high quality products that improve efficiency for our clients. 

Apollo Energy Solutions Corp.

Recently in the US - The Halo Crown Mount (HCM) from Apollo.

This state of the art LED lighting system:

Improves efficiency by increasing night visibility

Reduces diesel consumption and carbon footprint

Increases safety and is 100% drop compliant

Eliminates light plant usage and handling

Runs off rig power and is 100% Dark Sky Compliant

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A & M Electronic Solutions

A&M Electronic Solutions LLC is an industrial CCTV video and communications company based out of Pittsburgh, PA specializing in providing viewing and communication solutions to the oil and gas industry and other industrial settings.

A&M’s service teams operate 24 hours a day 365 days a year to make sure any issues a customer has can be resolved as quickly as possible. A&M also pride themselves with only using the latest and greatest technologies and products available to keep their customers’ systems reliable, effective, and as easy to use as possible with the best pricing around.

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