As part of our mission to improve oilfield efficiency, FTR has strategically aligned with the following companies.  Our partners all produce or provide the highest quality services and unique products.  


Apollo Energy Solutions Corp.

Recently in the US - The Halo Crown Mount (HCM) from Apollo.

This state of the art LED lighting system:

Improves efficiency by increasing night visibility

Reduces diesel consumption and carbon footprint

Increases safety and is 100% drop compliant

Eliminates light plant usage and handling

Runs off rig power and is 100% Dark Sky Compliant

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NobleAdvances Training & Collaboration

NobleAdvances® is a state-of-the-art training facility focused on delivering technical expertise and team development through advanced learning opportunities.

Since its creation in 2013, NobleAdvances has trained over 6,500 students in drilling, marine, and subsea skills for offshore drilling. Our 29,000 sq. ft. facility hosts 6 distinct simulator environments for students to experience. Originally built to develop members of Noble Drilling’s global fleet, NobleAdvances is staffed by top talent in technical and collaborative training techniques. Our goal is to streamline operations by eliminating inefficiencies in the drilling process, integrating down-hole technical skills with human factors, and the interconnectivity of marine and power management to the drilling process.

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