Customizable Process Improvement

Why hire an industrial engineer in oil and gas? Industrial engineers have a specific mindset, we are trained to save companies money.  It’s the role of the industrial engineer to constantly identify weakness and opportunities for improvement within the business. This requires deep knowledge on how to integrate workers, machines, materials, information, and energy.

What skills are industrial engineers trained in? Project management, LEAN engineering, big data analysis, critical thinking, strategic planning, adaptability, and interpersonal communication.

What Makes Us Different?

FTR’s proprietary system is tailored specifically for the oilfield. The unique system simplifies traditional LEAN while encompassing all areas of oilfield process improvement and incorporates the use of:

  • Front end user input
  • Simple checklists
  • Visual aids
  • Reporting and incentives

How Can We Help? 

  • Optimize large scale high risk operations
  • Simplify complex repetitive tasks
  • Implement effective front line change
  • Sustain gains and promote forward thinking

Contact us if you’re interested improving operational efficiency!

We offer a wide range of efficiency related services to fit your needs 


  • Continuous Improvement Events (Kaizen)
  • Visual aids (Andon)
  • PDCA – Plan, Do, Check, Act
  • Mistake proofing
  • Time studies
  • Checklists
  • Waste reduction (Muda)
  • Bottleneck analysis
  • Root cause analysis
  • Lessons learned

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  • Time lapse videos
  • Move plan development
  • Procedures and checklists
  • Night moves
  • Pre move meetings
  • Third party coordination
  • Daily management and reporting
  • Visual aids
  • Lessons learned post move
  • Fleet performance tracking
  • Quarterly reporting
  • Design recommendations

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Take a look in our book (co-authored by FTR)

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  • Tripping pipe
  • Drilling connections
  • Running casing
  • Nipple up/down
  • Rigging up BHA
  • Pad site layouts

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Well Control

  • Courses provided by NobleAdvances Training & Collaboration
  • IADC Certified Well Control Facilitator’s
  • WellSharp courses – Intro, Driller, Supervisor


  • Rig surveys
  • Industry and field expertise
  • Strict confidentiality with all clients



  • Process improvement
  • Cost and waste reduction